Robert J. Rutland Institute for Ethics
Ethics Across the Campus & Community...

The Rutland Institute for Ethics directs its programs and activities at three groups on campus: students, faculty and staff. It also aims to reach people and institutions in the community, including businesses, government, schools and the professions.

Across the Campus

The Institute's goals are to:

  • Teach students how to incorporate ethical values in rewarding careers and personal development 
  • Provide regular opportunities for students to refine and enhance their understanding and appreciation of ethical conduct and to ensure that they leave Clemson with a heightened awareness of the importance of ethical behavior 
  • Teach faculty how to integrate ethical and value-based analysis and discussion into their teaching 
  • Help Clemson faculty acquire skill in identifying the ethical and value dimensions of situations in their fields of expertise and in employing the tools provided by ethical theory to deal with ethical issues in their research and their scholarly work 
  • Provide Clemson University staff with ethics training that will help them deal with ethical issues that arise in their work 
  • Provide Clemson University staff with forums for discussion of significant and pressing ethical issues at work

Across the Community

The Institute's goals are to

  • Tailor ethics programs to fit the needs of K-12 education in South Carolina, especially in high schools, and to facilitate the integration of ethics in the curricula of S.C. public schools 
  • Provide training and other ethics-related services to businesses, professional organizations and government agencies 
  • Promote the development, maintenance and appreciation of the ethical dimension of public service and the relationship between integrity in this arena and respect for the things that it produces (for example, laws and public policy) 
  • Provide venues for public discussion of pressing ethical issues 
  • Organize national conferences on ethics in the professions, business ethics and the ethical dimensions of politics and government institutions