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Clemson University Celebrates First Annual Ethics Day

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Clemson University's First Annual Ethics Day was celebrated throughout campus on Wednesday, October 17th. Sponsored by the Rutland Institute for Ethics (RIE), this event is an annual opportunity to remind students, staff, and faculty members about the importance of ethical decision-making in their personal and professional lives.

Dr. William McCoy, director of the institute, developed the concept, “I ran a similar ethics organization at Northern Illinois University prior to coming to Clemson in March. At NIU, we were fortunate to be able to integrate ethics education into the curriculum of the College of Business, and hosting Annual Ethics Day events were paramount to helping students understand the importance of making the best decision possible when faced with a dilemma."

McCoy has set a path forward for the institute, and Annual Ethics Day is just one of the notable aspects of that pathway. The institute hosted the following events:

Keynote Speaker: Joan Dubinsky, Former Director of the Office of Ethics for the United Nations.

Faculty/Staff Questions and Answers Session / Reception: A pre-session for faculty and staff to engage with and ask questions of Ms. Dubinsky.

Student Discussion Forum: Students had the opportunity to meet Ms. Dubinsky, and participate in a roundtable discussion about the ethics of political posturing on the world stage.

These events were just the beginning of an appreciation for ethics at Clemson University. The institute has also launched a comprehensive decision-making model officially endorsed by the university. One of the key components of the Rutland Institute's mission is to provide a decision-making model so that our students will have something to refer to when help is needed. With the help of Philosophy Department Professor Daniel Wueste, we’ve been able to identify a decision-making model that can impact every person associated with Clemson University.

The institute will spend this academic year raising the visability of the institute and its decision-making framework.
Should you have questions about institute activities and initiatives and/or wish to support the institute's mission, please contact Dr. McCoy at

Joseph P. Riley, Jr. to receive the 2018 James F. Barker Ethics in Action Award

Keynote Speaker Joan Dubinsky
Former Director, Office of Ethics, United Nations

James F. Barker Ethics in Action Award

Clemson Students, Faculty, and Staff:

Need advice on an ethical issue in your life?
Ask Dr. Dilemma
Select questions will be answered in Dr. Dilemma's monthly column in The Tiger newspaper. Your anonymity will be respected.

James F. Barker Ethics in Action Award

2018 James F. Barker Ethics in Action Award Presented to Former Charleston Mayor Joe Riley
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A Message from Director William C. McCoy, Ed.D

I am very happy to serve as the Director of the Robert J. Rutland Institute for Ethics at Clemson University. Clemson is a top-notch university that continues to set and achieve new goals on a consistent basis. Our penchant for excellence in all that we do is clearly evident on and off the football field. With world-class academic positioning, we continue to march into a very bright future laden with success.

The Rutland Institute for Ethics is an integral part of the university’s bright and successful future. Our programming is designed to enhance university goals. Our focus on ethical decision-making impacts every administrator, faculty member, staff member, and student on this campus. Alumni of the university are also assisting in this endeavor by coming back on campus and speaking to students about ethics as it pertains to their discipline. It is our goal to provide every person associated with Clemson the necessary tools to make good decisions in the face of ethical dilemmas, and we are well on our way to making significant inroads in this area.

Join us as we become the change that we wish to see at Clemson and in the world. A commitment to ethical decision-making is a pathway to personal and professional greatness.


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